Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sun Tunnels to make most of the natural light

Sun Tunnels are the answer of your these problems as they allow sunlight to enter even in your darkest room, with the help of particularly manufactured tunnels which came from roof to ceiling.

It is not like that Velux Sun Tunnels are specially manufactured for the Velux roof windows but they are well suited with almost any type of roof. With the Velux sun tunnels you can make use of that space which was previously unoccupied because of no sunlight in that room. Velux sun tunnels are easy to install and can be fitted almost anywhere where even skylights can be fitted. Moreover Velux Sun Tunnels are ecological as no heat loss and gain occurs in them.

A skylight comes in many sizes and shapes, skylights are manufactured with Glazing in order to increase the energy efficiency, glazing is available in three different versions:

•   Plastic glazing: this version of glazing is very cheap
•   Glass glazing: expensive skylights are manufactured with glass glazing, which are more long-lasting than plastic glazing
•   Solar heat control glazing; this is very effective as it reduces the blow of summer season and alternately winter time heat loss

It may be the problem of your house also that many rooms are lacking of sunlight or sunlight enters only when you open doors of the room, so these pathetic rooms become unwanted and nobody wants to enter into such rooms.